Mom's Baggage

Our lives have so much baggage and baggage doesn't mean just the bad stuff either–baggage is life. When you travel you take your baggage. In your baggage you have daily necessities, a few indulgences and a few less wonderful things such as pantyhose for that formal event (I consider those a negative thing in life). I think life is full of the good, the bad and the ugly. This is my baggage.

Run, Momma, run!

on December 30, 2012

Run, Momma, run!

20121230-210045.jpgShe came to us just yesterday, having been rescued from the local animal shelter. She was an owner surrender. A backyard baby, along with her puppy, surrendered just before the cold temps dropped below freezing. She was a buff brown, frightened critter covered in a mass of mats. Her pup was rescued first and, when we told the rescue coordinator we were ready for another foster baby, she was rescued next. Her baby went to one home and, after a visit to the groomer, this newly freed snow-white, fuzzy momma came to us. She was freed of all the mats weighing her down and came to a warm house filled with plenty of hugs and cuddles, regular meals, a warm bed, and all the toys a pooch could ever want where she is to be loved and cared for until she has a permanent home.

Yet, in spite of all the love and attention in the world, all the material things she needs for life and then some, and security and safety in her current surroundings, she ran the first opportunity she got.

20121230-210049.jpgA friendly face came to see her loving little self and as the friend began to leave, this lost babe saw an opportunity to bolt through the first open door. She ran like the wind with those caring for her calling out her name. She ran out into the street, barely missing those fast moving wheels which threatened her very life. She crossed one side and then the other of that massively busy street. In the rain. In the dark. With flying cars and squealing brakes. With those that already love her hot on her heels, unwilling to give up, crying out her name in fear as each car missed by inches.

20121230-210033.jpgThe helpers came out of the asphalt to corral her to safety from the even busier intersection, called to her through their rolled down window, and distracted her as the one who loves and cares for her crept up silently behind her, scooped her up and hugged her with a ferocity that shouted “I’ll never let you go again!”

Life can feel like this.


We run from the safety of God’s love right into the traps and traffic of old habits, whispers of negative voices, and thoughts of some sort of freedom while barely missing the crushing wheels. All the while, God is calling us back to Him and the warmth and safety of His arms.

Don’t you wish sometimes God would sneak up behind us, grab us and hold us tight while admonishing us against these stupid things we do??


2 responses to “Run, Momma, run!

  1. Lisa says:

    I think He often does. 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    I’m so glad you got her before a car did. Poor scared little one! Hope you find her a wonderful forever home.

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