Mom's Baggage

Our lives have so much baggage and baggage doesn't mean just the bad stuff either–baggage is life. When you travel you take your baggage. In your baggage you have daily necessities, a few indulgences and a few less wonderful things such as pantyhose for that formal event (I consider those a negative thing in life). I think life is full of the good, the bad and the ugly. This is my baggage.

Stupid alarm

on March 25, 2012

With the manly men still on their retreat and having already decided me and Little Red were skipping church this morning (having a case of coughing and ensuing head pounding in the middle of Scott’s sure-to-be-awesome lesson was not high on my desirable to-do list), I was looking forward to sleeping in. I even let myself stay up late watching old “Beauty and the Beast” episodes on Netflix.

Unfortunately my plans were changed when my son’s alarm clock went off bright and early this morning…several times. They make those things with too many buttons now. I had images of smashing that thing with a sledgehammer. I pushed buttons and silenced it. The second time I pushed buttons and unplugged it. Surely, even if one of those stupid buttons was
‘snooze’, unplugging it would silence it. Right? Wrong. The third time I yanked the battery back up and crawled back in bed wondering if there was still a sledgehammer in the shed out back.

Next I knew it was almost 8:30. Woo-hoo! I did get back to sleep.

As I bare-footed my way down the hall I noted Little Red’s door was open so I figured she was downstairs either eating breakfast, loving on the mongrels or watching TV. How about none of the above.

After letting the mongrels outside, back upstairs I went. I found my sweet cherub laying on her fully made bed, in her recently cleaned room, fully dressed and sound asleep. Apparently one of the three times that silly alarm clock went off she got up, got dressed, made her bed and cleaned her room.

Then she laid back down and fell asleep…which is where I found her. I laid down on her bed next to her, snuggled up and wrapped my arms around her itty bitty body. She stirred a little and we had the following conversation…

“Hi Mom.”
“Hi Noodle. ”
“You’re the best Mom ever.”
“You’re the best Emma ever.”

I don’t have images of a sledgehammer in my head anymore…only warmth in my heart.


2 responses to “Stupid alarm

  1. Lisa says:

    That alarm thing has happened to me too many times. I wish they’d remember to turn the thing off when they aren’t going to be home!

  2. Laurie Wade says:

    I love that! The last part!!!!

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